Honda was first to introduce 4-Stroke Outboard technology in Australia, and has remained the innovative leader ever since.  
Honda offer full and non-declining Honda 7-Year Domestic Warranty. Coverage is the same on the last day as it is on the first and applies to Honda's ENTIRE engine line-up. Honda is the first and ONLY manufacturer in the industry to introduce a 7-Year Warranty.  
We have a Certified Honda technician that is factory trained and certified to work on your outboard engine. The training content is rigorous and comprehensive to ensure that your Honda is well looked after.  

If you would like a price on an outboard or have an enquiry about engine installations give us a call 
(02) 49 824 832.  

We can supply a full range of Honda spare parts and accessories for your outboard.  

To view the full range of outboards, accessories and specifications visit:
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