Our Services

At Cove Marine Pty Ltd, we supply the services you need to enjoy your vessel on the water. From shipwright services to fabrication, we do it all! Whether you’re looking to repair, enhance, upgrade or simply store your boat, be sure to come to us for the best service.

From Shipwright Services to Mechanical
Come to Cove Marine for all of the following and much more.
Shipwright: Our energetic team has over 20 years of experience in boat repairs. No matter what has gone wrong, we can soon put it right again.
Paint Removal: We use environmentally friendly peel-away gel systems to remove all that old paint. We also offer boat repainting services.
Anti-Foul Removal: Our wet turbo blasting system will soon remove dirt, barnacles and everything else you don’t want on your hull.
Mechanical: We can repower and repair all engines, including diesel, petrol and outboard and inboard engines.
Fabrication: Our team can handle all facets of fabrication work.
Rigging: We provide and install full rigging sets, including high-quality ropes and fittings.
Other Services: We can handle all of the following:
  • Mast stepping
  • Diesel motor repair
  • Outboard/inboard repairs
  • Anti-foul applications
  • Painting
  • Complete fit-outs
  • Refrigeration installation
  • Fuel cell installations

If the service you need isn’t featured here, don’t worry. Chances are, we can still do it. Contact one of our experienced team members today, and we’ll let you know how we can assist.
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