Storage Facilities

As boat ownership rises in Australia, it’s more vital than ever before to have quality storage areas. When you put your boat away for the off-season, you want to make sure that it’ll be in a safe, protected space and in great shape when you’re ready to put it in the water again.

Cove Marine Pty Ltd has what you need. Our boat storage facilities are the perfect place to keep your boat over the winter. Whether you’ve come to visit Australia from overseas or you’re just up the road from us, our storage facilities have just what you need.

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Long Term Storage

Our long-term dry storage area is the perfect place to keep your vessel for a lengthy period. We will make sure that your boat is safe. Whether you’re taking your boat out of the water for the winter or you’ve come from overseas for a visit, you’ll be able to leave your vessel here with no worries. Our Long Term Storage begins at 3 months.

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We urge you to contact us to learn more about our storage options today! We would be happy to discuss everything we have available and the terms of hire with you. Call today to get started.